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Karma's Tea - Soulful Jazz/Pop Fusion with an R&B Touch

Karma's Tea is a captivating jazz/pop band that skillfully merges contemporary jazz with the sultry essence of R&B, crafting an enchanting musical experience that leaves audiences captivated.

Formed by Mike Desroches on keyboards, a seasoned musician and composer, and the soulful singer-songwriter Mystina Sol, the band exudes a unique charm that draws listeners in.

Karma's Tea draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Erykah Badu, Chick Corea, Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo, Alicia Keys, Miles Davis, Fiona Apple, Sting, and Snarky Puppy, creating a rich tapestry of musical influences.

Mystina Sol's artistry extends beyond Karma's Tea, as she also fronts the legendary, multi-platinum group Cult Jam. Her upcoming album, "CultJam Love," is eagerly anticipated, promising soulful allure and resonating deeply with fans.

With seamless musical craftsmanship, Karma's Tea invites listeners on a harmonious journey of emotions. Their soul-stirring melodies and infectious rhythms leave a lasting impression, evoking a sense of connection and enjoyment.

Stay connected and captivated by following Karma's Tea on social media and their website.

Karma's Tea R&B music

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